How may I help you?

All Seasons Weddings has a list of FAQs on their website. If there is a question I can answer, please call 613-433-4159 or use the form on my contact page.

Weddings & Vow Renewals

What is the deposit policy?

When you choose your Officiant and Wedding Package through All Seasons Weddings, a deposit is required and paid to All Seasons Weddings. This payment secures your Officiant for your selected date. View All Seasons Refund Policy.

When do we pay the Officiant?

Payment for my services is due two weeks prior to the event date. Method of payment is by etransfer. If you cancel within those two weeks there is no refund.

Is a gratuity expected?

No gratuity is expected. Often couples express their gratitute by emailing or texting a thankyou note with a wedding photo of themselves and their Officiant. Referring a friend is a great gesture.

How soon should we reserve an Officiant?

I recommend booking and confirming your Officiant as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for me to have two weddings on the same day during summer months.

What if we need to change the date, or time or location?

Contact All Seasons Weddings immediately with the new details. They will reach out to me. If I am available, I will confirm the new changes. If I am not available, you may wish to choose another Officiant or speak directly with me to see if something can be worked out.

Through All Seasons Weddings, are we legally married?

Most definately. Each province regulates the Marriage Act. I am licenced in the Province of Ontario as a Clergy with the Clergy Support Memorial Church

What about same sex marriages?

Ontario legally recognizes same-sex marriages.

Do we need an Officiant for a Vow Renewal?

No. There are no legal parts to a vow renewal.  Having an Officiant allows for the making of a special ceremony with an experienced Officiant.

Is there a rehearsal fee?

Yes. Fees start at $75. Price varies with the size of the wedding. Travel rates may also apply.

Celebrations of Life

I have a family member in Palliative Care. When should we schedule a “Goodbye Ceremony?”

As difficult as it is to say goodbye to loved ones, being present in the near hours of death is an honouring experience.  There is no exact time to have this particular ceremony; it is often selected based on the availability of family members. There is some planning involved. I suggest you contact me to discuss the details.

What is the difference between a Funeral and a Celebration of Life and a Memorial Service?

There is no difference between a funeral and a celebration of life. Both of these events have the remains present and usually take place soon after death. A memorial service can take place at any time in the future as the remains are not present.