Wedding Celebrations

Your wedding is all about you, individually and together as a couple. The person who pronounces you husband and wife, husband and husband or wife and wife should be extraordinary in making your day special and memorable.

Over the years, I have married couples of various religious and non-religious backgrounds. I respect everyone’s right to marriage, regardless of sexual orientation or gender.

The marriage process has several moving parts, of which I will guide you through each stage.

All of the weddings I perform are reserved through All Seasons Weddings. You first choose a wedding officiant then complete the details.

Choose A Wedding Officiant

Then select a wedding package. After this is completed and we have made contact, I will show you how to apply for your marriage licence and certificate. Discuss the details of your service. Help you choose readings, poems and music. I will make suggestions for writing your vows and incorporating any unique traditions or choices into the ceremony.

It is important to remember that with All Season’s Weddings, you have a guaranteed back-up service. Should some unforeseen event prevent me from conducting your ceremony, you are guaranteed not to miss your special day; an alternate Officiant will be there for you to pronounce you married.

Symbolic Ceremonies


In a position of standing face to face, hands outstretched, the four hands are tied together using ribbon or rope to symbolize “tying the knot.”  During the binding, the couple may recite words that express their commitment to one another.

Unity Candles Ceremony

Three candles are used in this ceremony. One held by the bride and groom and one to represent the unity of their new family.

Family or Community Vows

By incorporating the blending of two families or involving your guests, this is another option for making your wedding ceremony unique.

Marriage Licence & Certificate

Acquiring your marriage licence is a necessary component of getting married.  It is the couple’s responsibility to apply for the licence within the designated timeframe and ensure that the Officiant has it before the wedding.  The marriage certificate application process comes after the wedding.

No worries about either of these tasks, I will explain it all to you and give you the timelines.

The Big Day

With any of the packages you choose, I will make sure your ceremony performs as planned.

If you select the Perfectly Planned Ceremony, please include a rehearsal. Knowing where to stand or pair up for the recessional avoids embarrassment and confusion.  Timing is everything with a wedding, and this is especially true with a large wedding party.

All Is Ready

I will arrive 30 minutes before the ceremony starts to smooth out any last-minute wrinkles and ensure everyone is comfortable with their role. I will make sure your guests are seated, and the bridal party entry cues are ready. Do not be too nervous about your vows; I will be there to help you if needed. After the signing and completion of the service, I will make the great pronouncement and your Happily Ever After begins!