Vow Renewal

A wedding vow renewal ceremony, also called a reaffirmation ceremony, is a ceremony in which a married couple wishes to renew their commitment to each other and publicly demonstrate that their previous vows remain sacred. Some choose a vow renewal ceremony as they have passed through a difficult period in their relationship. Some want to celebrate a significant anniversary or wish to experience a different type of service from the original.

Your renewal ceremony offers you a chance to celebrate your wedding in whatever way you choose, formal or informal.  New wedding bands, hire a photographer, invite lots of family and friends, or have a quiet, casual celebration with an intimate number of guests around a meaningful date.

This special ceremony should allow you to reflect on your relationship, be grateful for what you have accomplished as a couple up to this point. As you restate your vows, you are saying…”I want the world to know; I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

There are no legal aspects of this ceremony, so having an Officiant is not mandatory. You can state your vows to each other over a romantic dinner, or a getaway hike up a mountain. However, many couples do choose to have an Officiant present for the ceremony as it adds a professional yet casual touch. If this is your intention, I would be pleased to attend and perform your ceremony.